2014-12-19 Lei ZhangXFA: merge patch from CL 816593002
2014-12-19 Bo XuXFA: merge patch from CL 761313004
2014-12-19 Lei ZhangXFA: merge patch from CL 790213005
2014-12-19 Bruce DawsonXFA: merge patch from CL 441988
2014-12-18 Tom SepezRemove spurious XFA unsupported warning on XFA branch
2014-12-18 Tom SepezFix obvious compilation breakage on win32 in previous...
2014-12-18 Tom SepezInitialize V8 external data (XFA version).
2014-12-17 JUN FANGXFA: merge patch from issue 803103002
2014-12-15 John Abd-El... Remove more defines in XFA branch that aren't used...
2014-12-15 John Abd-El... XFA: merge patch from issue 801913002 and 804463003
2014-12-11 Bo XuMerge to XFA: patch from CL 792113003
2014-12-11 Bo XuMerge to XFA: patch from CL 790363002
2014-12-11 Bo XuMerge to XFA: patch from CL 791223002
2014-12-09 Bo XuMerge to XFA: patch from CL 787753002
2014-12-08 Tom SepezMake app.alert() actually print its message under pdfiu...
2014-12-06 Bo Xucheck NULL of pTemplateRoot in DoDataMerge
2014-12-05 Tom SepezLog message when XFA load fails
2014-12-04 Tom SepezRemove needless casts of (narrow) string literals.
2014-12-04 Tom SepezReplace void* pointers with CFX_BaseMassArrayImp* pointers.
2014-12-03 Bo XuMerge "Add big integer library""
2014-11-24 Tom SepezMass remove dangerous and needless LPCWSTR casts.
2014-11-24 Bo XuMerge to XFA: patch from CL 758593002
2014-11-20 Jun FangMerge to XFA: patch from CL 743263002
2014-11-19 Bo XuAdd XFA test files
2014-11-18 Tom SepezUpdate form fill version to 2 for pdfium_test.cc on...
2014-11-18 Bruce DawsonMerge to XFA: patch from CL 738433003
2014-11-17 Bo XuMerge to XFA: patch from CL 730993002
2014-11-17 Bo XuMerge to XFA: patch from CL 700373006 and 727243002
2014-11-15 Bo XuMerge to XFA: Patch from CL 726143002
2014-11-15 Bo XuCheck NULL pointer dereferencing from GetDirect
2014-11-14 Bo XuMerge to XFA: Patch from CL 705503004
2014-11-14 Tom SepezAdd XFA files to GN build.
2014-11-14 Tom SepezXFA: merge patch from issue 726033002
2014-11-14 Tom SepezMerge patch from issue 720193004 to XFA.
2014-11-10 Bo XuMerge to XFA: patch from CL 618073003
2014-11-08 Bo XuCorrect the forminfo version check in pdfium
2014-11-07 Bo XuChange version of FPDF_FORMFILLINFO to 2; Add #define...
2014-11-06 Tom SepezMerge to XFA: patch from CL 703213004
2014-11-06 Tom SepezMerge to XFA: patch from issue 692533005
2014-11-04 Bo XuRemove xfa_test for delivery
2014-11-03 linlin_miaomodify google bug 61311 for messageBox;
2014-11-03 xiaoxia_yuUpdate CloseDocument and ExitForm
2014-11-03 Bo XuDo not Initialize v8 in fpdfsdk, since this has been...
2014-11-03 unknownLock page in LoadFXAnnot to prevent unintended page...
2014-11-03 Bo XuRemove unused variable in pdfium_engine.cc
2014-11-03 Bo XuMerge XFA to PDFium master at 4dc95e7 on 10/28/2014
2014-10-30 Bo XuUndo an old change in freetype to account for size...
2014-10-30 Tom SepezFor v8 Global Object, do not copy in CJS_Value constructor.
2014-10-30 Bo XuUpdate openjpeg to r2920
2014-10-29 Tom SepezResolve compilation error with G++ 4.9.
2014-10-22 Bo Xuupdate openjpeg to r2911
2014-10-21 Bo XuChange the clear order of pDocPage and pDocRender
2014-10-21 Bo XuUpdate openjpeg to r2908
2014-10-21 Bo XuMore fixes in sycc422_to_rgb and sycc420_to_rgb when...
2014-10-21 Bo XuAdd missing parenthesis in FXARGB_GETDIB macro
2014-10-16 John Abd-El... Make DEPS not add an extra pdfium directory.
2014-10-16 John Abd-El... Fix standalone build on Linux and Mac.
2014-10-15 Tom SepezFix licenses in headers to pass Chromium's checklicense...
2014-10-15 Bo XuStore the address of the page data map's value for...
2014-10-14 Tom SepezDon't leave dangling pointer to out-of-scope local...
2014-10-14 Jun FangGlyph index is out of range in cff_get_glyph_name.
2014-10-13 Tom SepezFix off-by-one in sizing of m_EmbeddedToUnicodes.
2014-10-10 Bo XuFix a bug when image width is odd in sycc422_to_rgb
2014-10-03 Bo XuEnable C linkage in fpdfppo.h
2014-10-03 Bo Xucheck pointer overflow in t2.c
2014-10-03 Bo XuAdd openjpeg pre-processor OPJ_STATIC to pdfium.gyp
2014-09-30 Bo XuUpdate openjpeg
2014-09-27 Peter KastingUse static_assert unconditionally.
2014-09-24 Brett WilsonRename GN public variables.
2014-09-24 Bo XuLock page in LoadFXAnnot to prevent unintended page...
2014-09-22 Jochen EisingerInvoke V8::Initialize() explicitly during V8 setup
2014-09-20 Bo XuAdd FPDF_GetSecurityHandlerRevision
2014-09-19 Bo XuFix a bug when assign the generation number of indirect...
2014-09-19 Jun FangAdjust the order of clearing resource in CPDF_DocPageDa...
2014-09-18 Tom SepezFix Regression: Incomplete file loading is seen for...
2014-09-18 Scott Grahamgn: don't remove -fno-exceptions to match gyp
2014-09-16 Bo XuWhen forcing clear page data, no need to release colors...
2014-09-16 Jun FangAdd a boundary check before accessing the table of...
2014-09-15 Bo XuCheck Null pointer in CPDF_Dictionary::GetUnicodeText
2014-09-11 Bo XuFix hebrew character highlight issue in a special document
2014-09-10 Jun FangCheck object type for objects used in the dictory of...
2014-09-10 Bo XuChange the forced clear order of CPDF_DocPageData:...
2014-09-10 Bo XuFix uninitialized value in CPDF_ColorStateData
2014-09-10 Bo XuRevert of Fix uninitialized value in CPDF_ColorStateDat...
2014-09-09 Bo XuFix uninitialized value in CPDF_ColorStateData
2014-09-09 Bo XuFix un-initialized R G B value
2014-09-08 Brett WilsonConvert GN visibility to be a list.
2014-09-08 Chris PalmerMerge performance fix for cmsDupToneCurve from previous...
2014-09-08 Jun FangThe cause of this issue is that there is an indirect...
2014-09-04 Brett WilsonAdd v8_platform to the JS dependencies in the GN build.
2014-09-03 Bo XuAllocate m_pCompData when |m_nComponents| is updated.
2014-09-02 Bo XuCheck m_nComponents when using JBIG2Decode
2014-09-02 Bo XuAdd m_pDocument in CPDF_Color and check if page date...
2014-09-02 Tom SepezTidy up opj_ callback functions in fx_codec_jpx_obj.cpp
2014-08-31 Bo XuRemove the GetValidBpc check in application callers...
2014-08-28 Chris PalmerRemove unused fields and stack locals.
2014-08-28 Bo XuNo need to release resources in destructor of CPDF_Shad...
2014-08-27 Bo XuRestrict index not be greater than row_size in TIFF_Pre...
2014-08-27 Bo XuUse valid bpc value in LoadPalette() and ContinueToLoad...
2014-08-27 Bo XuFix a bug when looping through m_pCompData