2015-10-28 Dan SinclairAdd helpers to check the PDF_CharType.
2015-10-27 Dan SinclairUse static_cast for various CPDF_Object conversions.
2015-10-27 Dan SinclairGive names to the shading types
2015-10-27 Dan SinclairAdd context to file load failures in pdfium_test.
2015-10-27 Oliver ChangFix memory leak in FXJS_ReleaseRuntime.
2015-10-27 Dan SinclairType check the m_pShadingObj before assuming it's a...
2015-10-27 Lei ZhangDelete unused fpdfsdkdll.rc and resource.h.
2015-10-27 Oliver ChangRemove usage of std::vector::data
2015-10-27 Lei ZhangPartial revert of commit c6d8683 to fix a GN + Win...
2015-10-26 Lei ZhangRemove default argument from CPDF_Dictionary::SetAt().
2015-10-26 Tom SepezTake FOXIT_FACE_COUNT and MM_FACE_COUNT constants from xfa
2015-10-26 Tom SepezWhitespace changes in fx_system_unittest.cpp to match XFA
2015-10-26 Lei ZhangFix a leak in CPDF_SyntaxParser::GetObject().
2015-10-26 Dan SinclairRevert "Make m_pShadingObj a CPDF_Stream instead of...
2015-10-26 Dan SinclairMake m_pShadingObj a CPDF_Stream instead of CPDF_Object.
2015-10-26 Dan SinclairRevert "Revert "Add type cast definitions for CPDF_Refe...
2015-10-26 Dan SinclairRevert "Add type cast definitions for CPDF_Reference."
2015-10-26 Dan SinclairAdd type cast definitions for CPDF_Reference.
2015-10-24 Lei ZhangCleanup parts of CPDFSDK_AnnotIterator and CPDFSDK_Page...
2015-10-24 Oliver ChangConvert some pointers in fpdf_parser_parser to unique_p...
2015-10-23 Tom SepezOne line whitespace change for fpdf_render.cpp (clang...
2015-10-22 Oliver ChangSet a recursion limit on CPDF_DataAvail::CheckPageNode
2015-10-22 Lei ZhangMake parallelized run_corpus_tests.py handle ctrl-c.
2015-10-22 Dan SinclairAdd type cast definitions for CPDF_Stream.
2015-10-22 Dan SinclairSync build settings to XFA.
2015-10-22 Oliver ChangRemove unused error variable from CFX_Font::AdjustMMParams
2015-10-22 Dan SinclairRemove unused CPDFSDK_InterForm::DoFDFBuffer.
2015-10-22 Dan SinclairAdd type cast definitions for CPDF_Array.
2015-10-21 Tom SepezMore master side changes for convergence with XFA.
2015-10-21 Oliver Chang(Reland) Switch builds to clang by default for Linux...
2015-10-21 Oliver ChangChange DEPS hooks paths to include 'pdfium/'.
2015-10-21 Dan SinclairRemove FFL_Utils as it is unused.
2015-10-21 Dan SinclairAdd type cast definitions for CPDF_Name.
2015-10-21 Dan SinclairAdd type cast definitions for CPDF_String.
2015-10-21 Dan SinclairAdd type cast definitions for CPDF_Number.
2015-10-21 Dan SinclairRemove void* ctor from CPDF_Number.
2015-10-20 Lei ZhangMake CFX_FontMgr member variables private. (try 2)
2015-10-20 Qin ZhaoFix pdfium-i#236: memory leaks from RenderPdf
2015-10-20 Tom SepezCosmetic changes in fsdk_define.h
2015-10-20 Dan SinclairAdd type cast definitions for CPDF_Boolean.
2015-10-20 Lei ZhangRoll DEPS for v8 to 2607e2b. Regular weekly roll.
2015-10-20 Dan SinclairRevert "Revert "Add type cast definitions for CPDF_Dict...
2015-10-20 Dan SinclairMinor documentation updates for fpdfview.h.
2015-10-20 Lei ZhangRevert "Make CFX_FontMgr member variables private."
2015-10-20 Dan SinclairRevert "Add type cast definitions for CPDF_Dictionary."
2015-10-20 Lei ZhangMake CFX_FontMgr member variables private.
2015-10-20 Dan SinclairAdd type cast definitions for CPDF_Dictionary.
2015-10-20 Lei ZhangRemove unused CFFL_Notify.
2015-10-20 Lei ZhangFix some override warnings in fpdfview.cpp.
2015-10-19 Tom SepezRemove duplicate core/include/thirdparties headers.
2015-10-19 Lei ZhangRemove dead code that was reactivated when fixing overr...
2015-10-19 Tom SepezConsolidate test support code.
2015-10-19 Lei ZhangSanity check the values of TRUE and FALSE.
2015-10-19 Lei ZhangRemove some checks for object creation failures. They...
2015-10-19 Tom SepezAdd FPDFAPIJPEG_ prefix to more libjpeg functions
2015-10-19 Lei ZhangUnrevert commit a398ca6 and apply the proper fix.
2015-10-19 Oliver ChangRevert "Switch builds to clang by default for Linux...
2015-10-19 Oliver ChangSwitch builds to clang by default for Linux and OS X.
2015-10-16 Lei ZhangDon't bother passing -1 as the length to the CFX_ByteSt...
2015-10-16 Lei ZhangDeclare PDF_GetStandardFontName() in the header.
2015-10-16 Tom Sepezfxcrt convergence - master side
2015-10-16 Tom SepezFix stray backslashes in README.md
2015-10-16 dan sinclairUpdate link to chromium src.
2015-10-16 Tom SepezDEPS include_rules no longer allows core/ -> fpsdfsk...
2015-10-16 Jun FangLoosen checking on the bytes following 'stream'
2015-10-16 dan sinclairMove conditionals inside target_defaults.
2015-10-16 dan sinclairAdd some community and testing info to README.md.
2015-10-15 Oliver ChangPlug a leak in CPDF_StreamParser::ReadInlineStream
2015-10-15 Tom SepezIntroduce CPDFPageFromFPFDPage()
2015-10-15 dan sinclairReturn result of GetRBG instead of TRUE
2015-10-15 Tom SepezAdd steps for Contributing Code to README.md
2015-10-15 Tom SepezFix layering violation in CPDF_Document::FromFPDFDocume...
2015-10-14 Tom SepezIntroduce CPDF_Document::FromFPDFDocument().
2015-10-14 Tom SepezNext round of master changes to match XFA
2015-10-14 Nico WeberLand temporary workaround for clang-cl not yet understa...
2015-10-14 Tom SepezAdd unit test for top-level bookmarks.
2015-10-13 Lei ZhangRoll DEPS for v8 to d3f97a9. Regular weekly roll.
2015-10-13 Tom SepezRevert "Remove IPDFSDK_AnnotHandler interface."
2015-10-13 Tom SepezChanges to master to more closely match XFA.
2015-10-13 Tom Sepezwstring allocations waste up to 7 wasted bytes.
2015-10-13 Jun Fangupgrade openjpeg to commit# cf352af
2015-10-09 Lei ZhangSanitize CJBig2_SymbolDict's memory usage.
2015-10-09 Lei ZhangParallelize run_corpus_tests.py.
2015-10-09 Tom SepezPass IJS_Runtime, not IJS_Context, to native object...
2015-10-09 Tom SepezAllow compiling PDFium without V8.
2015-10-09 Lei ZhangFix a bad refactoring error from commit 8a9ce57.
2015-10-09 Jun FangFix a compiling error on Mac
2015-10-09 Jun FangFix heap-buffer-overflow in color_sycc_to_rgb
2015-10-08 Lei ZhangMinimal revert from commit d03ba8d.
2015-10-08 Lei ZhangFix a bunch of sign mismatch warnings.
2015-10-08 Lei ZhangFix a malloc/delete mismatch introduced in commit 8a9ce57.
2015-10-08 David LattimoreVarious changes to JBig2 cache:
2015-10-08 Lei ZhangPut CJBig2_SymbolDict's images in a CJBig2_List container.
2015-10-08 Tom SepezWean CJS_Value off of v8::Isolate.
2015-10-08 Lei ZhangRelax the check on 0 length streams.
2015-10-07 David LattimoreRemove some dead code from CCodec_Jbig2Module. Variable...
2015-10-07 Tom SepezRename IFXJS_Runtime and IFXJS_Context to IJS_.
2015-10-07 Tom SepezUpdate README.md to reflect added .png support
2015-10-07 Lei ZhangStop inlining CJBig2_BitStream.
2015-10-07 Lei ZhangFix the Windows build after commit 8a9ce57.