2015-02-10 Tom SepezAdd JavaScript test for constants in Consts.cpp.
2015-02-10 Lei ZhangFix some typos in fpdf_render_loadimage.cpp.
2015-02-07 Lei ZhangCleanup: Fix some unused-function warnings.
2015-02-07 Lei ZhangCleanup parts of fpdf_render_loadimage.cpp.
2015-02-06 Tom SepezFirst JavaScript testing implementation.
2015-02-06 Tom SepezFix GN build, fpdf_font_utility.cpp no longer present.
2015-02-06 Tom SepezKill off some more unreachable fopen's.
2015-02-05 Tom SepezMerge to master: Kill off some dodgy JS callbacks
2015-02-05 Tom SepezFix segv in CPDF_DataAvail::CheckRoot() when /Root...
2015-02-05 Tom SepezAdd namespace and-re-arrange PDFium's local copy of...
2015-02-05 John Abd-El... Update GN files from previous commit as well.
2015-02-05 John Abd-El... Initialize V8 outside of PDFium.
2015-02-04 Tom SepezPrevent base::CheckedNumeric from leaking outside of...
2015-02-04 Tom SepezReplace CFX_SmartPointer cast operator with Get() method.
2015-02-04 Tom SepezFix stack exhaustion in CPDF_DataAvail::HaveResourceAnc...
2015-02-03 John Abd-El... Remove OpenJPEG header generator binary from PDFium...
2015-02-02 Tom SepezAdd embedder test for fix to bug_452455.
2015-02-02 John Abd-El... Fix GN PDFium build when building all.
2015-02-01 John Abd-El... Always use the FreeType headers included in PDFium.
2015-01-31 JUN FANGFix heap buffer overflow in CPDF_SampledFunc::v_Call
2015-01-31 John Abd-El... Don't export any OpenJPEG methods from PDFium.
2015-01-31 John Abd-El... Use system FreeType on Linux.
2015-01-30 Tom SepezTrack formhandles in EmbedderTest class itself
2015-01-30 Tom SepezFix infinite recursion in CPDF_RenderStatus::RenderSing...
2015-01-30 Tom SepezAdd minimized test cases for stack exhaustion crash...
2015-01-29 Tom SepezMerge to Master: Add output scale factor command line...
2015-01-28 Tom SepezMerge to Master: Cover fpdftext.h API with embeddertests.
2015-01-27 Tom SepezAdd embedder test for stream length beyond end of file.
2015-01-27 Tom SepezKill scattered extern _PDF_CharType declarations.
2015-01-27 Tom SepezFix infinite recursion in CPDF_Parser::ParseIndirectObj...
2015-01-23 Tom SepezFix test naming in previous commit.
2015-01-23 Tom SepezFix null crash in CheckTrailer.
2015-01-23 Tom SepezAdd pdfium_embeddertests to BUILD.gn
2015-01-23 Tom SepezFix build of pdfium_embeddertest under V8_USE_EXTERNAL_...
2015-01-23 Tom SepezUse IPDF_DataAvail interface to hide CPDF_DataAvail.
2015-01-22 Tom SepezAdd API tests: NamedDestsByName, DestGetPageIndex.
2015-01-21 Tom SepezAdd tests for GetNamedDests() API.
2015-01-21 Bo XuUse signed long for FPDF_GetNamedDest buffer length.
2015-01-21 Bo XuSimplify UTF16LE_Encode and add unittest.
2015-01-16 Tom SepezFix missing call to destroy library in embedder test.
2015-01-16 Tom SepezFollow-on to pdfium_embeddertests.
2015-01-16 Tom SepezAllow FPDFBookmark_GetFirstChild to return the top...
2015-01-16 Tom SepezCreate first pdfium embedder test.
2015-01-15 Tom SepezLand patch from issue 854603005 at patchset 1 (crrev...
2015-01-14 John Abd-El... Ensure unittests are built when building all.
2015-01-14 Ross McIlroyFix v8 external snapshot code for Windows.
2015-01-12 Tom SepezMerge to master: Fix include paths for pdfium_unittests...
2015-01-11 Bo XuAdd APIs for getting bookmarks and named destinations.
2015-01-09 Lei ZhangCheck for NULL pointers in CJBig2_SymbolDict::DeepCopy().
2015-01-09 Tom SepezAdd pdfium_unittests to BUILD.gn
2015-01-09 Bruce DawsonOnly request C++11 when compiling C++ code.
2015-01-09 Tom SepezFix -Wnon-virtual-dtor compiler warnings.
2015-01-09 Tom SepezLand: Protect against a seg fault in CPDF_StructElement...
2015-01-07 Tom SepezFinish unit test for CFX_ByteStringC class.
2015-01-07 Tom SepezAdd ostream helpers for FX String classes.
2015-01-06 Bruce DawsonResolve all but two VC++ build warnings in pdfium.
2015-01-06 Lei ZhangCleanup: Get rid of CRLF line endings.
2015-01-05 Tom SepezRe-enable pdfium_unittests.
2015-01-05 Lei ZhangUpdate externs in unicodenormalization.cpp to not have...
2015-01-05 Bruce DawsonGet rid of g_timeMap global object.
2015-01-05 Lei ZhangFix an array size mismatch.
2015-01-05 Bruce DawsonRemove run-time calculation of hash constants in pdfium.
2015-01-05 Bruce DawsonGet rid of fifteen copies of m_sTimeMap and their initi...
2015-01-05 Bo XuClean up bookmark related codes.
2015-01-05 Bo XuRemove static declared SymbolDictCache.
2015-01-05 Bo XuIn windows printing, convert src bitmap to dest bitmap...
2015-01-02 Bruce DawsonRemove g_NaN global variable and its constructor.
2014-12-31 Bo XuGet rid of FX_LPCSTR cast.
2014-12-29 Tom SepezRevert build of pdfium_unittests.
2014-12-29 Tom SepezFix pdfium buildbot build breakage from 336991d.
2014-12-29 Tom SepezCreate pdfium_unittests binary.
2014-12-20 Lei ZhangRefactor some code in CPDF_TextPage::ProcessTextObject().
2014-12-20 Lei ZhangFix new third_party/BUILD.gn to use the right build...
2014-12-20 Bo XuSet the freetype options missing in the recent update.
2014-12-20 Lei ZhangAdd the license back to ftmodule.h after the freetype...
2014-12-19 Bo XuTransform font size to user space for valid text size...
2014-12-19 Bo XuUpdate freetype to 2.5.4.
2014-12-19 Bo XuFix a few windows compile warnings
2014-12-18 Lei ZhangCleanup: Refactor some code into its own function in...
2014-12-18 Tom SepezMerge: Fix obvious compilation breakage on win32 in...
2014-12-18 Lei ZhangCleanup: Remove a shadow variable in CPDF_TextPage...
2014-12-18 Bo XuAdd a small LRU cache for the JBIG2 symbol dictionary.
2014-12-18 Tom SepezMerge Initialize V8 external data back to master.
2014-12-18 Lei ZhangCleanup: Pass by const reference in fpdftext.
2014-12-17 JUN FANGFix a bug that occurs when an object has the same objec...
2014-12-13 Bruce DawsonAvoid duplicate definitions of JSCONST_n*Hash and QeTab...
2014-12-13 John Abd-El... Fix build after previous commit.
2014-12-13 John Abd-El... Simplify PDFium by removing code that's not used in...
2014-12-11 Bo Xum_pColorSpace can not be NULL for image object with...
2014-12-11 Bo XuDo not do strict check of BitsPerComponent for RunLengt...
2014-12-11 Bo XuLab colorspace needs to be 3 component
2014-12-09 Bo XuTrailer should be a dictionary object
2014-12-09 Bruce DawsonReplace manual/error-prone/hard-to-verify arraysize...
2014-12-08 Bruce DawsonGetting rid of more (FX_LPCWSTR) casts and fixing two...
2014-12-04 Lei ZhangCleanup: Remove an unused function.
2014-12-03 Bo XuAdd a missing 'using' keyword in big integer library
2014-12-03 Bo XuModify big integer library
2014-12-02 Bo XuRemove unnecessary files in third_party/bigint
2014-12-02 Bo XuInitial check in of big integer library, v2010.04.30
2014-11-24 Bo XuUpdate to openjpeg r2944