Merge to XFA: Fix potentially massive memory leak in CPDF_DIBSource::LoadJpxBitmap().
[pdfium.git] / xfa / src / fxbarcode /
2015-04-14 Tom SepezMerge to XFA: Kill CFX_Object.
2015-01-16 Bo XuFix a PDF417 encoding bug for 45 digits numeric data.
2015-01-12 Tom SepezFix include paths for pdfium_unittests under chromium...
2015-01-10 Bo XuOrganize barcode codes into modules.
2015-01-10 Tom SepezUnit test for 417HighLevelEncoder
2015-01-08 Bo XuAdd original copyright notice for barcode module.
2014-12-29 Tom SepezFix compilation breakage at d70b545.
2014-12-29 Bo XuFix the big integer bug in PDF417.
2014-11-03 Bo XuMerge XFA to PDFium master at 4dc95e7 on 10/28/2014