chromium_code tweaks for Windows and Linux/gyp.
[pdfium.git] / third_party /
2015-10-30 Lei ZhangAdd standard "Must be after no_chromium_code" comment...
2015-10-19 Tom SepezAdd FPDFAPIJPEG_ prefix to more libjpeg functions
2015-10-14 Nico WeberLand temporary workaround for clang-cl not yet understa...
2015-10-13 Jun Fangupgrade openjpeg to commit# cf352af
2015-10-09 Lei ZhangSanitize CJBig2_SymbolDict's memory usage.
2015-09-23 Lei ZhangChange nonstd::unique_ptr to take a custom deleter.
2015-09-22 Tom SepezAdd nonstd::unique_ptr move assigment operator.
2015-09-17 David LattimoreFix a #include in fpdf_page_func.cpp.
2015-09-15 Tom SepezFix build broken at ac8fda05418b on windows
2015-09-15 Tom SepezAdd move ctor to nonstd::unique_ptr.
2015-09-02 Lei ZhangReapply Foxit's libopenjpeg modifications.
2015-08-31 Brett WilsonMove configs out of targets in GN build files.
2015-08-29 Lei ZhangCheck array bounds for opj_dwt_decode_1() and friends.
2015-08-13 Nico WeberSuppress -Wunused-function for pdfium's third-party...
2015-07-30 Tom SepezUse bundled freetype for the pdfium_test binary.
2015-07-13 JUN FANGFix an integer overflow issue in openJpeg
2015-07-01 Nico WeberFix some clang warnings with -Wmissing-braces in pdfium.
2015-06-29 Bruce DawsonRemove references to three deleted files.
2015-06-19 Tom SepezMove zlib to third_party/
2015-06-19 Tom SepezMove libopenjpeg to third_party/
2015-06-18 Tom SepezRevert "Move libopenjpeg to third_party/"
2015-06-18 Tom SepezMove libopenjpeg to third_party/
2015-06-17 Tom SepezMove libjpeg to third_party/
2015-06-17 Tom SepezMove lcms2 into third_party
2015-06-16 Tom SepezSeparate agg-authored code from fx-authored code.
2015-06-01 Bruce DawsonAdd missing comma to third_party.gyp
2015-05-21 Tom SepezUpdate copy of safe_math_impl.h to take a fix from...
2015-05-07 Tom SepezSupport arrays in nonstd::unique_ptr<>.
2015-04-17 Tom SepezAdd nonstd::unique_ptr as a workaround until std::uniqu...
2015-03-23 Tom SepezTry to make a NOTREACHED definition suitable for win8.
2015-03-06 Brett WilsonFix the pdfium component build.
2015-02-05 Tom SepezAdd namespace and-re-arrange PDFium's local copy of...
2015-02-02 John Abd-El-MalekFix GN PDFium build when building all.
2015-01-06 Lei ZhangCleanup: Get rid of CRLF line endings.
2014-12-20 Lei ZhangFix new third_party/ to use the right build...
2014-12-20 Bo XuSet the freetype options missing in the recent update.
2014-12-20 Lei ZhangAdd the license back to ftmodule.h after the freetype...
2014-12-19 Bo XuUpdate freetype to 2.5.4.
2014-12-13 John Abd-El-MalekFix build after previous commit.
2014-12-03 Bo XuAdd a missing 'using' keyword in big integer library
2014-12-03 Bo XuModify big integer library
2014-12-02 Bo XuRemove unnecessary files in third_party/bigint
2014-12-02 Bo XuInitial check in of big integer library, v2010.04.30
2014-09-27 Peter KastingUse static_assert unconditionally.
2014-06-26 Chris PalmerImport Chromium base/numerics to resolve integer overflow.
2014-06-23 John Abd-El-MalekRevert "Import Chromium base/numerics to resolve intege...
2014-06-20 Chris PalmerImport Chromium base/numerics to resolve integer overflow.