Convert a bunch of raw pointers in fsdk_mgr to unique_ptrs.
[pdfium.git] / third_party / libopenjpeg20 /
2015-10-14 Nico WeberLand temporary workaround for clang-cl not yet understa...
2015-10-13 Jun Fangupgrade openjpeg to commit# cf352af
2015-09-02 Lei ZhangReapply Foxit's libopenjpeg modifications.
2015-08-29 Lei ZhangCheck array bounds for opj_dwt_decode_1() and friends.
2015-07-13 JUN FANGFix an integer overflow issue in openJpeg
2015-06-19 Tom SepezMove libopenjpeg to third_party/
2015-06-18 Tom SepezRevert "Move libopenjpeg to third_party/"
2015-06-18 Tom SepezMove libopenjpeg to third_party/