Cleanup parts of CPDFSDK_AnnotIterator and CPDFSDK_PageView.
[pdfium.git] / DEPS
2015-10-21 Oliver Chang(Reland) Switch builds to clang by default for Linux...
2015-10-21 Oliver ChangChange DEPS hooks paths to include 'pdfium/'.
2015-10-20 Lei ZhangRoll DEPS for v8 to 2607e2b. Regular weekly roll.
2015-10-19 Oliver ChangRevert "Switch builds to clang by default for Linux...
2015-10-19 Oliver ChangSwitch builds to clang by default for Linux and OS X.
2015-10-16 Tom SepezDEPS include_rules no longer allows core/ -> fpsdfsk...
2015-10-13 Lei ZhangRoll DEPS for v8 to d3f97a9. Regular weekly roll.
2015-10-06 Lei ZhangRoll DEPS for v8 to 9081ee1.
2015-09-29 Lei ZhangRoll DEPS for v8 to d7f813b.
2015-09-28 Tom SepezFix test diff caused by v8 version update
2015-08-13 Tom SepezMake standalone PDFium DEPS pull clang-format.
2015-07-31 Tom SepezRoll corpus to 2ddcfbd.
2015-07-30 Tom SepezUse bundled freetype for the pdfium_test binary.
2015-07-14 Tom SepezTighten up DEPS include rules.
2015-06-17 Tom SepezRun GYP after gclient sync.
2015-06-11 Tom SepezCorrect unexpected hinting fonts
2015-06-05 Tom SepezStandalone checkout gets buildtools.
2015-05-28 Tom SepezRoll DEPS to pick up 2015-05-28 corpus drop.
2015-04-30 Tom SepezProvide an array buffer allocator to V8.
2015-04-29 Tom SepezCorpus roll to pick up the 2015-04-28 Foxit drop.
2015-04-28 Tom SepezPin V8 version until initialization issue in b584bab...
2015-04-22 Lei ZhangFix a regression with cut off images.
2015-04-09 Tom SepezUpdate DEPS to pull V8 from the new repository.
2015-04-09 Tom SepezConsider platform-specific expected .png files.
2015-03-31 Lei ZhangRoll DEPS to pick up new test expectations after commit...
2015-03-21 Tom SepezRoll DEPS to pull in full, regenerated corpus of tests
2015-03-20 Tom SepezRevert corpus to last known working version.
2015-03-20 Tom SepezFix corpus roll broken in the previous commit.
2015-03-20 Tom SepezBring in entire corpus for testing.
2015-03-19 Tom SepezPull in specific revision of PDF corpus via DEPS.
2015-03-16 Tom SepezPull our new test case repository via deps.
2015-02-27 Tom SepezPull in gmock for standalone pdfium builds.
2015-01-05 Tom SepezRe-enable pdfium_unittests.
2014-11-13 Aneesh MulyeMake DEPS use relative paths to fix recipe
2014-10-16 John Abd-El-MalekMake DEPS not add an extra pdfium directory.
2014-08-07 Aneesh Mulyegclient DEPS file for auto checking out deps