XFA: merge patch from CL 826633002, fix windows printing black rectangle issue
[pdfium.git] / BUILD.gn
2014-12-29 Tom SepezMerge: Create pdfium_unittests binary. [XFA]
2014-12-19 Bo XuXFA: merge patch from CL 815103002
2014-12-15 John Abd-El-MalekXFA: merge patch from issue 801913002 and 804463003
2014-12-03 Bo XuMerge "Add big integer library""
2014-11-14 Tom SepezAdd XFA files to GN build.
2014-09-24 Brett WilsonRename GN public variables.
2014-09-18 Scott Grahamgn: don't remove -fno-exceptions to match gyp
2014-09-08 Brett WilsonConvert GN visibility to be a list.
2014-09-04 Brett WilsonAdd v8_platform to the JS dependencies in the GN build.
2014-08-01 Scott GrahamRevert 'gn: cross-platform exception disable'
2014-07-31 Scott Grahamgn: cross-platform exception disable
2014-07-17 Jochen EisingerHook up the default v8::Platform implementation to...
2014-07-09 Lei ZhangFix BUILD.gn for commit 3522876d.
2014-06-30 John Abd-El-MalekFix syntax error in BUILD.gn
2014-06-26 Chris PalmerImport Chromium base/numerics to resolve integer overflow.
2014-06-23 John Abd-El-MalekRevert "Import Chromium base/numerics to resolve intege...
2014-06-20 Chris PalmerImport Chromium base/numerics to resolve integer overflow.
2014-06-09 John Abd-El-MalekDisable pointer-to-int conversion warning.
2014-06-05 John Abd-El-MalekAdd GN build file for pdfium, rename GYP target.