Make CFX_FontMgr member variables private.
[pdfium.git] / .gitignore
2015-10-19 Oliver ChangRevert "Switch builds to clang by default for Linux...
2015-10-19 Oliver ChangSwitch builds to clang by default for Linux and OS X.
2015-06-05 Tom SepezStandalone checkout gets buildtools.
2015-04-09 Bruce DawsonInclude windows.h instead of the MFC header afxres.h
2015-03-25 Tom SepezAdd testing/corpus to .gitignore
2015-03-06 Tom SepezAdd gmock to .gitignore
2015-01-05 Tom SepezRe-enable pdfium_unittests.
2014-05-23 John Abd-El-MalekCreate a standalone pdfium build.