Move extern cmap declarations from .cpp files into new .h files.
[pdfium.git] / core / src / fpdfapi / fpdf_cmaps / Korea1 / UniKS-UTF16-H_0.cpp
1 // Copyright 2014 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
2 // Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
3 // found in the LICENSE file.
5 // Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc.
7 #include "cmaps_korea1.h"
9 const FX_WORD g_FXCMAP_UniKS_UTF16_H_0[158 * 2] = {
10     0x00A9, 0x0062, 0x2010, 0x0061, 0x20A9, 0x0060, 0x2F00, 0x193C,
11     0x2F04, 0x18EC, 0x2F06, 0x190D, 0x2F08, 0x192B, 0x2F0A, 0x194D,
12     0x2F0B, 0x1D4B, 0x2F11, 0x10AE, 0x2F12, 0x116A, 0x2F14, 0x143F,
13     0x2F17, 0x168C, 0x2F18, 0x13D5, 0x2F1C, 0x1839, 0x2F1D, 0x0F3D,
14     0x2F1F, 0x1D1B, 0x2F20, 0x1487, 0x2F23, 0x151B, 0x2F24, 0x109D,
15     0x2F25, 0x103F, 0x2F26, 0x1958, 0x2F28, 0x1C4F, 0x2F29, 0x1580,
16     0x2F2B, 0x1641, 0x2F2D, 0x14B9, 0x2F2F, 0x0ECF, 0x2F30, 0x0FED,
17     0x2F31, 0x0E14, 0x2F32, 0x0D99, 0x2F38, 0x0F7C, 0x2F3C, 0x1684,
18     0x2F3D, 0x0EDC, 0x2F3E, 0x1E80, 0x2F3F, 0x15CC, 0x2F40, 0x1B27,
19     0x2F42, 0x12E8, 0x2F43, 0x10FD, 0x2F44, 0x0FBB, 0x2F45, 0x1356,
20     0x2F46, 0x12D3, 0x2F47, 0x1940, 0x2F48, 0x17ED, 0x2F49, 0x1889,
21     0x2F4A, 0x12B4, 0x2F4B, 0x1F5B, 0x2F4C, 0x1B2C, 0x2F4F, 0x12D6,
22     0x2F50, 0x144C, 0x2F51, 0x12A8, 0x2F52, 0x168E, 0x2F54, 0x15D3,
23     0x2F55, 0x1EBB, 0x2F56, 0x1A93, 0x2F57, 0x1409, 0x2F58, 0x1F1A,
24     0x2F5A, 0x1D61, 0x2F5B, 0x1696, 0x2F5C, 0x1842, 0x2F5D, 0x0E37,
25     0x2F5E, 0x1E3D, 0x2F5F, 0x17C1, 0x2F60, 0x0EDE, 0x2F61, 0x17D4,
26     0x2F62, 0x0DC1, 0x2F63, 0x14FA, 0x2F64, 0x182D, 0x2F65, 0x1A08,
27     0x2F66, 0x1DBA, 0x2F69, 0x1381, 0x2F6A, 0x1DB0, 0x2F6B, 0x1293,
28     0x2F6C, 0x12B7, 0x2F6D, 0x12AD, 0x2F6E, 0x164D, 0x2F6F, 0x1525,
29     0x2F70, 0x164E, 0x2F72, 0x1EBE, 0x2F73, 0x1E4B, 0x2F74, 0x122D,
30     0x2F75, 0x1AF4, 0x2F76, 0x12FF, 0x2F78, 0x140C, 0x2F7A, 0x1708,
31     0x2F7B, 0x184A, 0x2F7C, 0x11A7, 0x2F7D, 0x191B, 0x2F7F, 0x191C,
32     0x2F80, 0x18E0, 0x2F81, 0x18D5, 0x2F82, 0x1675, 0x2F83, 0x1966,
33     0x2F84, 0x1B37, 0x2F85, 0x0F5A, 0x2F86, 0x1550, 0x2F87, 0x1BF6,
34     0x2F88, 0x1AE8, 0x2F89, 0x0DA8, 0x2F8A, 0x14F8, 0x2F8B, 0x1C40,
35     0x2F8E, 0x1E4C, 0x2F8F, 0x1E1D, 0x2F90, 0x1909, 0x2F92, 0x0E3C,
36     0x2F93, 0x0D92, 0x2F94, 0x1721, 0x2F95, 0x0EBC, 0x2F96, 0x1103,
37     0x2F97, 0x1656, 0x2F99, 0x1D58, 0x2F9A, 0x19EC, 0x2F9B, 0x1AEC,
38     0x2F9C, 0x1AAE, 0x2F9D, 0x167B, 0x2F9E, 0x1B8D, 0x2F9F, 0x167C,
39     0x2FA0, 0x1B61, 0x2FA2, 0x18F5, 0x2FA3, 0x18D0, 0x2FA5, 0x121A,
40     0x2FA6, 0x1023, 0x2FA7, 0x19A8, 0x2FA8, 0x12EE, 0x2FA9, 0x141B,
41     0x2FAC, 0x1853, 0x2FAD, 0x1C23, 0x2FAE, 0x1464, 0x2FAF, 0x1288,
42     0x2FB0, 0x1E35, 0x2FB1, 0x18A3, 0x2FB3, 0x18F1, 0x2FB4, 0x1E4D,
43     0x2FB5, 0x1DAB, 0x2FB6, 0x1465, 0x2FB7, 0x1665, 0x2FB8, 0x15F9,
44     0x2FB9, 0x1E26, 0x2FBA, 0x1235, 0x2FBB, 0x0EC9, 0x2FBC, 0x0EB5,
45     0x2FC1, 0x0F99, 0x2FC2, 0x1716, 0x2FC3, 0x1AAB, 0x2FC4, 0x11AF,
46     0x2FC5, 0x11B5, 0x2FC6, 0x1276, 0x2FC7, 0x1237, 0x2FC8, 0x1EF7,
47     0x2FC9, 0x1519, 0x2FCA, 0x1F52, 0x2FCD, 0x1A66, 0x2FCE, 0x0EB6,
48     0x2FCF, 0x151A, 0x2FD0, 0x1466, 0x2FD1, 0x1A7D, 0x2FD2, 0x1CBF,
49     0x2FD3, 0x11D3, 0x2FD4, 0x0F6A,
50 };