Convert all line endings to LF.
[pdfium.git] / core / src / fpdfapi / fpdf_cmaps / Japan1 / UniJIS-UCS2-HW-V_4.cpp
1 // Copyright 2014 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
2 // Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
3 // found in the LICENSE file.
5 // Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc.
7 extern const unsigned short g_FXCMAP_UniJIS_UCS2_HW_V_4[199 * 3] = {
8     0x0020, 0x005B, 0x00E7, 0x005C, 0x005C, 0x220F, 0x005D, 0x007E, 0x0124,
9     0x00A5, 0x00A5, 0x0123, 0x00B0, 0x00B0, 0x204D, 0x2010, 0x2010, 0x1ED5,
10     0x2015, 0x2015, 0x1ED4, 0x2016, 0x2016, 0x1ED7, 0x2018, 0x2019, 0x2059,
11     0x201C, 0x201D, 0x2057, 0x2025, 0x2025, 0x1EDA, 0x2026, 0x2026, 0x1ED9,
12     0x2032, 0x2032, 0x2051, 0x2033, 0x2033, 0x205B, 0x2190, 0x2190, 0x02E2,
13     0x2191, 0x2191, 0x02E0, 0x2192, 0x2192, 0x02E3, 0x2193, 0x2193, 0x02E1,
14     0x2195, 0x2195, 0x2FB6, 0x21C4, 0x21C4, 0x2077, 0x21C5, 0x21C5, 0x2076,
15     0x21C6, 0x21C6, 0x2078, 0x21E6, 0x21E6, 0x1F4C, 0x21E7, 0x21E7, 0x1F4E,
16     0x21E8, 0x21E8, 0x1F4B, 0x21E9, 0x21E9, 0x1F4D, 0x2225, 0x2225, 0x1ED7,
17     0x223C, 0x223C, 0x1ED6, 0x22EF, 0x22EF, 0x1ED9, 0x2500, 0x2501, 0x1D39,
18     0x2502, 0x2503, 0x1D37, 0x2504, 0x2505, 0x1D3D, 0x2506, 0x2507, 0x1D3B,
19     0x2508, 0x2509, 0x1D41, 0x250A, 0x250B, 0x1D3F, 0x250C, 0x250C, 0x1D47,
20     0x250D, 0x250D, 0x1D49, 0x250E, 0x250E, 0x1D48, 0x250F, 0x250F, 0x1D4A,
21     0x2510, 0x2510, 0x1D4F, 0x2511, 0x2511, 0x1D51, 0x2512, 0x2512, 0x1D50,
22     0x2513, 0x2513, 0x1D52, 0x2514, 0x2514, 0x1D43, 0x2515, 0x2515, 0x1D45,
23     0x2516, 0x2516, 0x1D44, 0x2517, 0x2517, 0x1D46, 0x2518, 0x2518, 0x1D4B,
24     0x2519, 0x2519, 0x1D4D, 0x251A, 0x251A, 0x1D4C, 0x251B, 0x251B, 0x1D4E,
25     0x251C, 0x251C, 0x1D63, 0x251D, 0x251D, 0x1D67, 0x251E, 0x251E, 0x1D65,
26     0x251F, 0x251F, 0x1D64, 0x2520, 0x2520, 0x1D66, 0x2521, 0x2521, 0x1D69,
27     0x2522, 0x2522, 0x1D68, 0x2523, 0x2524, 0x1D6A, 0x2525, 0x2525, 0x1D6F,
28     0x2526, 0x2526, 0x1D6D, 0x2527, 0x2527, 0x1D6C, 0x2528, 0x2528, 0x1D6E,
29     0x2529, 0x2529, 0x1D71, 0x252A, 0x252A, 0x1D70, 0x252B, 0x252B, 0x1D72,
30     0x252C, 0x252C, 0x1D5B, 0x252D, 0x252F, 0x1D5D, 0x2530, 0x2530, 0x1D5C,
31     0x2531, 0x2533, 0x1D60, 0x2534, 0x2534, 0x1D53, 0x2535, 0x2537, 0x1D55,
32     0x2538, 0x2538, 0x1D54, 0x2539, 0x253B, 0x1D58, 0x253D, 0x253F, 0x1D77,
33     0x2540, 0x2540, 0x1D75, 0x2541, 0x2541, 0x1D74, 0x2542, 0x2542, 0x1D76,
34     0x2543, 0x2543, 0x1D7B, 0x2544, 0x2544, 0x1D7D, 0x2545, 0x2545, 0x1D7A,
35     0x2546, 0x2546, 0x1D7C, 0x2547, 0x2547, 0x1D81, 0x2548, 0x2548, 0x1D80,
36     0x2549, 0x254A, 0x1D7E, 0x261C, 0x261C, 0x201D, 0x261D, 0x261D, 0x201B,
37     0x261E, 0x261E, 0x201E, 0x261F, 0x261F, 0x201C, 0x2702, 0x2702, 0x2F92,
38     0x27A1, 0x27A1, 0x2011, 0x3001, 0x3002, 0x1ECF, 0x3008, 0x3011, 0x1EE3,
39     0x3013, 0x3013, 0x204E, 0x3014, 0x3015, 0x1EDD, 0x301C, 0x301C, 0x1ED6,
40     0x301D, 0x301D, 0x1F14, 0x301F, 0x301F, 0x1F15, 0x3041, 0x3041, 0x1EEE,
41     0x3043, 0x3043, 0x1EEF, 0x3045, 0x3045, 0x1EF0, 0x3047, 0x3047, 0x1EF1,
42     0x3049, 0x3049, 0x1EF2, 0x3063, 0x3063, 0x1EF3, 0x3083, 0x3083, 0x1EF4,
43     0x3085, 0x3085, 0x1EF5, 0x3087, 0x3087, 0x1EF6, 0x308E, 0x308E, 0x1EF7,
44     0x309B, 0x309B, 0x2050, 0x309C, 0x309C, 0x204F, 0x30A1, 0x30A1, 0x1EF8,
45     0x30A3, 0x30A3, 0x1EF9, 0x30A5, 0x30A5, 0x1EFA, 0x30A7, 0x30A7, 0x1EFB,
46     0x30A9, 0x30A9, 0x1EFC, 0x30C3, 0x30C3, 0x1EFD, 0x30E3, 0x30E3, 0x1EFE,
47     0x30E5, 0x30E5, 0x1EFF, 0x30E7, 0x30E7, 0x1F00, 0x30EE, 0x30EE, 0x1F01,
48     0x30F5, 0x30F6, 0x1F02, 0x30FC, 0x30FC, 0x1ED3, 0x3300, 0x3300, 0x209E,
49     0x3301, 0x3302, 0x2EB6, 0x3303, 0x3303, 0x2092, 0x3304, 0x3304, 0x2EB8,
50     0x3305, 0x3305, 0x208D, 0x3306, 0x3306, 0x2EB9, 0x3307, 0x3307, 0x2EBD,
51     0x3308, 0x3308, 0x2EBB, 0x3309, 0x3309, 0x2EC0, 0x330A, 0x330A, 0x2EBE,
52     0x330B, 0x330B, 0x2EC2, 0x330C, 0x330C, 0x2EC4, 0x330D, 0x330D, 0x1F0E,
53     0x330E, 0x3313, 0x2EC5, 0x3314, 0x3314, 0x1F05, 0x3315, 0x3315, 0x2094,
54     0x3316, 0x3316, 0x208A, 0x3317, 0x3317, 0x2ECC, 0x3318, 0x3318, 0x2093,
55     0x3319, 0x3319, 0x2ECE, 0x331A, 0x331D, 0x2ED0, 0x331E, 0x331E, 0x20A1,
56     0x331F, 0x3321, 0x2ED4, 0x3322, 0x3322, 0x2089, 0x3323, 0x3323, 0x209C,
57     0x3324, 0x3324, 0x2ED7, 0x3325, 0x3325, 0x2ED9, 0x3326, 0x3326, 0x1F0F,
58     0x3327, 0x3327, 0x1F09, 0x3328, 0x3329, 0x2EDC, 0x332A, 0x332A, 0x20A4,
59     0x332B, 0x332B, 0x1F11, 0x332D, 0x332D, 0x2EDF, 0x332E, 0x3330, 0x2EE2,
60     0x3331, 0x3331, 0x20A6, 0x3332, 0x3332, 0x2EE5, 0x3333, 0x3333, 0x208E,
61     0x3334, 0x3335, 0x2EE8, 0x3336, 0x3336, 0x1F0B, 0x3337, 0x3337, 0x2EEE,
62     0x3338, 0x3338, 0x2EF0, 0x3339, 0x3339, 0x2097, 0x333A, 0x333A, 0x2EF1,
63     0x333B, 0x333B, 0x209D, 0x333C, 0x333C, 0x2EEA, 0x333D, 0x333D, 0x2EF2,
64     0x333E, 0x3340, 0x2EF4, 0x3341, 0x3341, 0x2EF3, 0x3342, 0x3342, 0x209B,
65     0x3343, 0x3346, 0x2EF7, 0x3347, 0x3347, 0x20A5, 0x3348, 0x3348, 0x2EFB,
66     0x3349, 0x3349, 0x1F04, 0x334A, 0x334A, 0x1F12, 0x334B, 0x334C, 0x2EFC,
67     0x334D, 0x334D, 0x1F07, 0x334E, 0x334E, 0x2091, 0x334F, 0x3350, 0x2EFE,
68     0x3351, 0x3351, 0x1F0C, 0x3352, 0x3352, 0x2F02, 0x3353, 0x3353, 0x2F06,
69     0x3354, 0x3354, 0x2F03, 0x3355, 0x3356, 0x2F07, 0x3357, 0x3357, 0x2098,
70     0x337F, 0x337F, 0x2084, 0xFF08, 0xFF09, 0x1EDB, 0xFF0C, 0xFF0C, 0x204C,
71     0xFF0E, 0xFF0E, 0x2052, 0xFF1D, 0xFF1D, 0x1EED, 0xFF3B, 0xFF3B, 0x1EDF,
72     0xFF3D, 0xFF3D, 0x1EE0, 0xFF3F, 0xFF3F, 0x1ED2, 0xFF5B, 0xFF5B, 0x1EE1,
73     0xFF5C, 0xFF5C, 0x1ED8, 0xFF5D, 0xFF5D, 0x1EE2, 0xFF5E, 0xFF5E, 0x1ED6,
74     0xFFE3, 0xFFE3, 0x1ED1,
75 };