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[pdfium.git] / core / src / fpdfapi / fpdf_cmaps / Japan1 / H_1.cpp
1 // Copyright 2014 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
2 // Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
3 // found in the LICENSE file.
5 // Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc.
7 extern const unsigned short g_FXCMAP_H_1[118 * 3] = {
8     0x2121, 0x217E, 0x0279, 0x2221, 0x222E, 0x02D7, 0x223A, 0x2241, 0x02E5,
9     0x224A, 0x2250, 0x02ED, 0x225C, 0x226A, 0x02F4, 0x2272, 0x2279, 0x0303,
10     0x227E, 0x227E, 0x030B, 0x2330, 0x2339, 0x030C, 0x2341, 0x235A, 0x0316,
11     0x2361, 0x237A, 0x0330, 0x2421, 0x2473, 0x034A, 0x2521, 0x2576, 0x039D,
12     0x2621, 0x2638, 0x03F3, 0x2641, 0x2658, 0x040B, 0x2721, 0x2741, 0x0423,
13     0x2751, 0x2771, 0x0444, 0x2821, 0x2821, 0x1D37, 0x2822, 0x2822, 0x1D39,
14     0x2823, 0x2823, 0x1D43, 0x2824, 0x2824, 0x1D47, 0x2825, 0x2825, 0x1D4F,
15     0x2826, 0x2826, 0x1D4B, 0x2827, 0x2827, 0x1D53, 0x2828, 0x2828, 0x1D63,
16     0x2829, 0x2829, 0x1D5B, 0x282A, 0x282A, 0x1D6B, 0x282B, 0x282B, 0x1D73,
17     0x282C, 0x282C, 0x1D38, 0x282D, 0x282D, 0x1D3A, 0x282E, 0x282E, 0x1D46,
18     0x282F, 0x282F, 0x1D4A, 0x2830, 0x2830, 0x1D52, 0x2831, 0x2831, 0x1D4E,
19     0x2832, 0x2832, 0x1D5A, 0x2833, 0x2833, 0x1D6A, 0x2834, 0x2834, 0x1D62,
20     0x2835, 0x2835, 0x1D72, 0x2836, 0x2836, 0x1D82, 0x2837, 0x2837, 0x1D57,
21     0x2838, 0x2838, 0x1D66, 0x2839, 0x2839, 0x1D5F, 0x283A, 0x283A, 0x1D6E,
22     0x283B, 0x283B, 0x1D76, 0x283C, 0x283C, 0x1D54, 0x283D, 0x283D, 0x1D67,
23     0x283E, 0x283E, 0x1D5C, 0x283F, 0x283F, 0x1D6F, 0x2840, 0x2840, 0x1D79,
24     0x3021, 0x307E, 0x0465, 0x3121, 0x317E, 0x04C3, 0x3221, 0x327E, 0x0521,
25     0x3321, 0x337E, 0x057F, 0x3421, 0x347E, 0x05DD, 0x3521, 0x357E, 0x063B,
26     0x3621, 0x367E, 0x0699, 0x3721, 0x377E, 0x06F7, 0x3821, 0x387E, 0x0755,
27     0x3921, 0x397E, 0x07B3, 0x3A21, 0x3A7E, 0x0811, 0x3B21, 0x3B7E, 0x086F,
28     0x3C21, 0x3C7E, 0x08CD, 0x3D21, 0x3D7E, 0x092B, 0x3E21, 0x3E7E, 0x0989,
29     0x3F21, 0x3F7E, 0x09E7, 0x4021, 0x407E, 0x0A45, 0x4121, 0x417E, 0x0AA3,
30     0x4221, 0x427E, 0x0B01, 0x4321, 0x437E, 0x0B5F, 0x4421, 0x447E, 0x0BBD,
31     0x4521, 0x457E, 0x0C1B, 0x4621, 0x467E, 0x0C79, 0x4721, 0x477E, 0x0CD7,
32     0x4821, 0x487E, 0x0D35, 0x4921, 0x497E, 0x0D93, 0x4A21, 0x4A7E, 0x0DF1,
33     0x4B21, 0x4B7E, 0x0E4F, 0x4C21, 0x4C7E, 0x0EAD, 0x4D21, 0x4D7E, 0x0F0B,
34     0x4E21, 0x4E7E, 0x0F69, 0x4F21, 0x4F53, 0x0FC7, 0x5021, 0x507E, 0x0FFA,
35     0x5121, 0x517E, 0x1058, 0x5221, 0x527E, 0x10B6, 0x5321, 0x537E, 0x1114,
36     0x5421, 0x547E, 0x1172, 0x5521, 0x557E, 0x11D0, 0x5621, 0x567E, 0x122E,
37     0x5721, 0x577E, 0x128C, 0x5821, 0x587E, 0x12EA, 0x5921, 0x597E, 0x1348,
38     0x5A21, 0x5A7E, 0x13A6, 0x5B21, 0x5B7E, 0x1404, 0x5C21, 0x5C7E, 0x1462,
39     0x5D21, 0x5D7E, 0x14C0, 0x5E21, 0x5E7E, 0x151E, 0x5F21, 0x5F7E, 0x157C,
40     0x6021, 0x607E, 0x15DA, 0x6121, 0x617E, 0x1638, 0x6221, 0x627E, 0x1696,
41     0x6321, 0x637E, 0x16F4, 0x6421, 0x647E, 0x1752, 0x6521, 0x657E, 0x17B0,
42     0x6621, 0x667E, 0x180E, 0x6721, 0x677E, 0x186C, 0x6821, 0x687E, 0x18CA,
43     0x6921, 0x697E, 0x1928, 0x6A21, 0x6A7E, 0x1986, 0x6B21, 0x6B7E, 0x19E4,
44     0x6C21, 0x6C7E, 0x1A42, 0x6D21, 0x6D7E, 0x1AA0, 0x6E21, 0x6E7E, 0x1AFE,
45     0x6F21, 0x6F7E, 0x1B5C, 0x7021, 0x707E, 0x1BBA, 0x7121, 0x717E, 0x1C18,
46     0x7221, 0x727E, 0x1C76, 0x7321, 0x737E, 0x1CD4, 0x7421, 0x7424, 0x1D32,
47     0x7425, 0x7426, 0x205C,
48 };