Convert all line endings to LF.
[pdfium.git] / core / src / fpdfapi / fpdf_cmaps / GB1 / GB-EUC-H_0.cpp
1 // Copyright 2014 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
2 // Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
3 // found in the LICENSE file.
5 // Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc.
7 extern const unsigned short g_FXCMAP_GB_EUC_H_0[90 * 3] = {
8     0x0020, 0x0020, 0x1E24, 0x0021, 0x007E, 0x032E, 0xA1A1, 0xA1FE, 0x0060,
9     0xA2B1, 0xA2E2, 0x00BE, 0xA2E5, 0xA2EE, 0x00F0, 0xA2F1, 0xA2FC, 0x00FA,
10     0xA3A1, 0xA3FE, 0x0106, 0xA4A1, 0xA4F3, 0x0164, 0xA5A1, 0xA5F6, 0x01B7,
11     0xA6A1, 0xA6B8, 0x020D, 0xA6C1, 0xA6F5, 0x0225, 0xA7A1, 0xA7C1, 0x025A,
12     0xA7D1, 0xA7F1, 0x027B, 0xA8A1, 0xA8C0, 0x029C, 0xA8C5, 0xA8EA, 0x02BC,
13     0xA9A4, 0xA9EF, 0x02E2, 0xAAA1, 0xAAFE, 0x032E, 0xABA1, 0xABC0, 0x038C,
14     0xB0A1, 0xB0FE, 0x03AC, 0xB1A1, 0xB1FE, 0x040A, 0xB2A1, 0xB2FE, 0x0468,
15     0xB3A1, 0xB3FE, 0x04C6, 0xB4A1, 0xB4FE, 0x0524, 0xB5A1, 0xB5FE, 0x0582,
16     0xB6A1, 0xB6FE, 0x05E0, 0xB7A1, 0xB7FE, 0x063E, 0xB8A1, 0xB8FE, 0x069C,
17     0xB9A1, 0xB9FE, 0x06FA, 0xBAA1, 0xBAFE, 0x0758, 0xBBA1, 0xBBFE, 0x07B6,
18     0xBCA1, 0xBCFE, 0x0814, 0xBDA1, 0xBDFE, 0x0872, 0xBEA1, 0xBEFE, 0x08D0,
19     0xBFA1, 0xBFFE, 0x092E, 0xC0A1, 0xC0FE, 0x098C, 0xC1A1, 0xC1FE, 0x09EA,
20     0xC2A1, 0xC2FE, 0x0A48, 0xC3A1, 0xC3FE, 0x0AA6, 0xC4A1, 0xC4FE, 0x0B04,
21     0xC5A1, 0xC5FE, 0x0B62, 0xC6A1, 0xC6FE, 0x0BC0, 0xC7A1, 0xC7FE, 0x0C1E,
22     0xC8A1, 0xC8FE, 0x0C7C, 0xC9A1, 0xC9FE, 0x0CDA, 0xCAA1, 0xCAFE, 0x0D38,
23     0xCBA1, 0xCBFE, 0x0D96, 0xCCA1, 0xCCFE, 0x0DF4, 0xCDA1, 0xCDFE, 0x0E52,
24     0xCEA1, 0xCEFE, 0x0EB0, 0xCFA1, 0xCFFE, 0x0F0E, 0xD0A1, 0xD0FE, 0x0F6C,
25     0xD1A1, 0xD1FE, 0x0FCA, 0xD2A1, 0xD2FE, 0x1028, 0xD3A1, 0xD3FE, 0x1086,
26     0xD4A1, 0xD4FE, 0x10E4, 0xD5A1, 0xD5FE, 0x1142, 0xD6A1, 0xD6FE, 0x11A0,
27     0xD7A1, 0xD7F9, 0x11FE, 0xD8A1, 0xD8FE, 0x1257, 0xD9A1, 0xD9FE, 0x12B5,
28     0xDAA1, 0xDAFE, 0x1313, 0xDBA1, 0xDBFE, 0x1371, 0xDCA1, 0xDCFE, 0x13CF,
29     0xDDA1, 0xDDFE, 0x142D, 0xDEA1, 0xDEFE, 0x148B, 0xDFA1, 0xDFFE, 0x14E9,
30     0xE0A1, 0xE0FE, 0x1547, 0xE1A1, 0xE1FE, 0x15A5, 0xE2A1, 0xE2FE, 0x1603,
31     0xE3A1, 0xE3FE, 0x1661, 0xE4A1, 0xE4FE, 0x16BF, 0xE5A1, 0xE5FE, 0x171D,
32     0xE6A1, 0xE6FE, 0x177B, 0xE7A1, 0xE7FE, 0x17D9, 0xE8A1, 0xE8FE, 0x1837,
33     0xE9A1, 0xE9FE, 0x1895, 0xEAA1, 0xEAFE, 0x18F3, 0xEBA1, 0xEBFE, 0x1951,
34     0xECA1, 0xECFE, 0x19AF, 0xEDA1, 0xEDFE, 0x1A0D, 0xEEA1, 0xEEFE, 0x1A6B,
35     0xEFA1, 0xEFFE, 0x1AC9, 0xF0A1, 0xF0FE, 0x1B27, 0xF1A1, 0xF1FE, 0x1B85,
36     0xF2A1, 0xF2FE, 0x1BE3, 0xF3A1, 0xF3FE, 0x1C41, 0xF4A1, 0xF4FE, 0x1C9F,
37     0xF5A1, 0xF5FE, 0x1CFD, 0xF6A1, 0xF6FE, 0x1D5B, 0xF7A1, 0xF7FE, 0x1DB9,
38 };