[pdfium.git] / core / src / fpdfapi / fpdf_cmaps / CNS1 / ETen-B5-H_0.cpp
1 // Copyright 2014 PDFium Authors. All rights reserved.
2 // Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
3 // found in the LICENSE file.
5 // Original code copyright 2014 Foxit Software Inc. http://www.foxitsoftware.com
7 extern const unsigned short g_FXCMAP_ETen_B5_H_0[254 * 3] = {
8     0x0020, 0x007E, 0x3550, 0xA140, 0xA158, 0x0063, 0xA159, 0xA15C, 0x35AF,
9     0xA15D, 0xA17E, 0x0080, 0xA1A1, 0xA1F5, 0x00A2, 0xA1F6, 0xA1F6, 0x00F8,
10     0xA1F7, 0xA1F7, 0x00F7, 0xA1F8, 0xA1FE, 0x00F9, 0xA240, 0xA27E, 0x0100,
11     0xA2A1, 0xA2FE, 0x013F, 0xA340, 0xA37E, 0x019D, 0xA3A1, 0xA3BB, 0x01DC,
12     0xA3BD, 0xA3BF, 0x01F7, 0xA440, 0xA47E, 0x0253, 0xA4A1, 0xA4FE, 0x0292,
13     0xA540, 0xA57E, 0x02F0, 0xA5A1, 0xA5FE, 0x032F, 0xA640, 0xA67E, 0x038D,
14     0xA6A1, 0xA6FE, 0x03CC, 0xA740, 0xA77E, 0x042A, 0xA7A1, 0xA7FE, 0x0469,
15     0xA840, 0xA87E, 0x04C7, 0xA8A1, 0xA8FE, 0x0506, 0xA940, 0xA97E, 0x0564,
16     0xA9A1, 0xA9FE, 0x05A3, 0xAA40, 0xAA7E, 0x0601, 0xAAA1, 0xAAFE, 0x0640,
17     0xAB40, 0xAB7E, 0x069E, 0xABA1, 0xABFE, 0x06DD, 0xAC40, 0xAC7E, 0x073B,
18     0xACA1, 0xACFD, 0x077A, 0xACFE, 0xACFE, 0x097F, 0xAD40, 0xAD7E, 0x07D7,
19     0xADA1, 0xADFE, 0x0816, 0xAE40, 0xAE7E, 0x0874, 0xAEA1, 0xAEFE, 0x08B3,
20     0xAF40, 0xAF7E, 0x0911, 0xAFA1, 0xAFCF, 0x0950, 0xAFD0, 0xAFFE, 0x0980,
21     0xB040, 0xB07E, 0x09AF, 0xB0A1, 0xB0FE, 0x09EE, 0xB140, 0xB17E, 0x0A4C,
22     0xB1A1, 0xB1FE, 0x0A8B, 0xB240, 0xB27E, 0x0AE9, 0xB2A1, 0xB2FE, 0x0B28,
23     0xB340, 0xB37E, 0x0B86, 0xB3A1, 0xB3FE, 0x0BC5, 0xB440, 0xB47E, 0x0C23,
24     0xB4A1, 0xB4FE, 0x0C62, 0xB540, 0xB57E, 0x0CC0, 0xB5A1, 0xB5FE, 0x0CFF,
25     0xB640, 0xB67E, 0x0D5D, 0xB6A1, 0xB6FE, 0x0D9C, 0xB740, 0xB77E, 0x0DFA,
26     0xB7A1, 0xB7FE, 0x0E39, 0xB840, 0xB87E, 0x0E97, 0xB8A1, 0xB8FE, 0x0ED6,
27     0xB940, 0xB97E, 0x0F34, 0xB9A1, 0xB9FE, 0x0F73, 0xBA40, 0xBA7E, 0x0FD1,
28     0xBAA1, 0xBAFE, 0x1010, 0xBB40, 0xBB7E, 0x106E, 0xBBA1, 0xBBC7, 0x10AD,
29     0xBBC8, 0xBBFE, 0x10D5, 0xBC40, 0xBC7E, 0x110C, 0xBCA1, 0xBCFE, 0x114B,
30     0xBD40, 0xBD7E, 0x11A9, 0xBDA1, 0xBDFE, 0x11E8, 0xBE40, 0xBE51, 0x1246,
31     0xBE52, 0xBE52, 0x10D4, 0xBE53, 0xBE7E, 0x1258, 0xBEA1, 0xBEFE, 0x1284,
32     0xBF40, 0xBF7E, 0x12E2, 0xBFA1, 0xBFFE, 0x1321, 0xC040, 0xC07E, 0x137F,
33     0xC0A1, 0xC0FE, 0x13BE, 0xC140, 0xC17E, 0x141C, 0xC1A1, 0xC1AA, 0x145B,
34     0xC1AB, 0xC1FE, 0x1466, 0xC240, 0xC27E, 0x14BA, 0xC2A1, 0xC2CA, 0x14F9,
35     0xC2CB, 0xC2CB, 0x1465, 0xC2CC, 0xC2FE, 0x1523, 0xC340, 0xC360, 0x1556,
36     0xC361, 0xC37E, 0x1578, 0xC3A1, 0xC3B8, 0x1596, 0xC3B9, 0xC3B9, 0x15AF,
37     0xC3BA, 0xC3BA, 0x15AE, 0xC3BB, 0xC3FE, 0x15B0, 0xC440, 0xC455, 0x15F4,
38     0xC456, 0xC456, 0x1577, 0xC457, 0xC47E, 0x160A, 0xC4A1, 0xC4FE, 0x1632,
39     0xC540, 0xC57E, 0x1690, 0xC5A1, 0xC5FE, 0x16CF, 0xC640, 0xC67E, 0x172D,
40     0xC6A1, 0xC6BE, 0x01FA, 0xC6BF, 0xC6D7, 0x0219, 0xC6D8, 0xC6DE, 0x35B3,
41     0xC6DF, 0xC6DF, 0x1794, 0xC6E0, 0xC6FE, 0x35BA, 0xC740, 0xC77E, 0x35D9,
42     0xC7A1, 0xC7FE, 0x3618, 0xC840, 0xC87E, 0x3676, 0xC8A1, 0xC8D3, 0x36B5,
43     0xC940, 0xC949, 0x176C, 0xC94A, 0xC94A, 0x0274, 0xC94B, 0xC96B, 0x1776,
44     0xC96C, 0xC97E, 0x1798, 0xC9A1, 0xC9BD, 0x17AB, 0xC9BE, 0xC9BE, 0x1797,
45     0xC9BF, 0xC9EC, 0x17C8, 0xC9ED, 0xC9FE, 0x17F7, 0xCA40, 0xCA7E, 0x1809,
46     0xCAA1, 0xCAF6, 0x1848, 0xCAF7, 0xCAF7, 0x17F6, 0xCAF8, 0xCAFE, 0x189E,
47     0xCB40, 0xCB7E, 0x18A5, 0xCBA1, 0xCBFE, 0x18E4, 0xCC40, 0xCC7E, 0x1942,
48     0xCCA1, 0xCCFE, 0x1981, 0xCD40, 0xCD7E, 0x19DF, 0xCDA1, 0xCDFE, 0x1A1E,
49     0xCE40, 0xCE7E, 0x1A7C, 0xCEA1, 0xCEFE, 0x1ABB, 0xCF40, 0xCF7E, 0x1B19,
50     0xCFA1, 0xCFFE, 0x1B58, 0xD040, 0xD07E, 0x1BB6, 0xD0A1, 0xD0FE, 0x1BF5,
51     0xD140, 0xD17E, 0x1C53, 0xD1A1, 0xD1FE, 0x1C92, 0xD240, 0xD27E, 0x1CF0,
52     0xD2A1, 0xD2FE, 0x1D2F, 0xD340, 0xD37E, 0x1D8D, 0xD3A1, 0xD3FE, 0x1DCC,
53     0xD440, 0xD47E, 0x1E2A, 0xD4A1, 0xD4FE, 0x1E69, 0xD540, 0xD57E, 0x1EC7,
54     0xD5A1, 0xD5FE, 0x1F06, 0xD640, 0xD67E, 0x1F64, 0xD6A1, 0xD6CB, 0x1FA3,
55     0xD6CC, 0xD6CC, 0x2254, 0xD6CD, 0xD6FE, 0x1FCF, 0xD740, 0xD779, 0x2001,
56     0xD77A, 0xD77A, 0x22B9, 0xD77B, 0xD77E, 0x203B, 0xD7A1, 0xD7FE, 0x203F,
57     0xD840, 0xD87E, 0x209D, 0xD8A1, 0xD8FE, 0x20DC, 0xD940, 0xD97E, 0x213A,
58     0xD9A1, 0xD9FE, 0x2179, 0xDA40, 0xDA7E, 0x21D7, 0xDAA1, 0xDADE, 0x2216,
59     0xDADF, 0xDADF, 0x1FCE, 0xDAE0, 0xDAFE, 0x2255, 0xDB40, 0xDB7E, 0x2274,
60     0xDBA1, 0xDBA6, 0x22B3, 0xDBA7, 0xDBFE, 0x22BA, 0xDC40, 0xDC7E, 0x2312,
61     0xDCA1, 0xDCFE, 0x2351, 0xDD40, 0xDD7E, 0x23AF, 0xDDA1, 0xDDFB, 0x23EE,
62     0xDDFC, 0xDDFC, 0x2381, 0xDDFD, 0xDDFE, 0x2449, 0xDE40, 0xDE7E, 0x244B,
63     0xDEA1, 0xDEFE, 0x248A, 0xDF40, 0xDF7E, 0x24E8, 0xDFA1, 0xDFFE, 0x2527,
64     0xE040, 0xE07E, 0x2585, 0xE0A1, 0xE0FE, 0x25C4, 0xE140, 0xE17E, 0x2622,
65     0xE1A1, 0xE1FE, 0x2661, 0xE240, 0xE27E, 0x26BF, 0xE2A1, 0xE2FE, 0x26FE,
66     0xE340, 0xE37E, 0x275C, 0xE3A1, 0xE3FE, 0x279B, 0xE440, 0xE47E, 0x27F9,
67     0xE4A1, 0xE4FE, 0x2838, 0xE540, 0xE57E, 0x2896, 0xE5A1, 0xE5FE, 0x28D5,
68     0xE640, 0xE67E, 0x2933, 0xE6A1, 0xE6FE, 0x2972, 0xE740, 0xE77E, 0x29D0,
69     0xE7A1, 0xE7FE, 0x2A0F, 0xE840, 0xE87E, 0x2A6D, 0xE8A1, 0xE8A2, 0x2AAC,
70     0xE8A3, 0xE8FE, 0x2AAF, 0xE940, 0xE975, 0x2B0B, 0xE976, 0xE97E, 0x2B42,
71     0xE9A1, 0xE9FE, 0x2B4B, 0xEA40, 0xEA7E, 0x2BA9, 0xEAA1, 0xEAFE, 0x2BE8,
72     0xEB40, 0xEB5A, 0x2C46, 0xEB5B, 0xEB7E, 0x2C62, 0xEBA1, 0xEBF0, 0x2C86,
73     0xEBF1, 0xEBF1, 0x2AAE, 0xEBF2, 0xEBFE, 0x2CD6, 0xEC40, 0xEC7E, 0x2CE3,
74     0xECA1, 0xECDD, 0x2D22, 0xECDE, 0xECDE, 0x2B41, 0xECDF, 0xECFE, 0x2D5F,
75     0xED40, 0xED7E, 0x2D7F, 0xEDA1, 0xEDA9, 0x2DBE, 0xEDAA, 0xEDFE, 0x2DC8,
76     0xEE40, 0xEE7E, 0x2E1D, 0xEEA1, 0xEEEA, 0x2E5C, 0xEEEB, 0xEEEB, 0x3014,
77     0xEEEC, 0xEEFE, 0x2EA6, 0xEF40, 0xEF7E, 0x2EB9, 0xEFA1, 0xEFFE, 0x2EF8,
78     0xF040, 0xF055, 0x2F56, 0xF056, 0xF056, 0x2DC7, 0xF057, 0xF07E, 0x2F6C,
79     0xF0A1, 0xF0CA, 0x2F94, 0xF0CB, 0xF0CB, 0x2C61, 0xF0CC, 0xF0FE, 0x2FBE,
80     0xF140, 0xF162, 0x2FF1, 0xF163, 0xF16A, 0x3015, 0xF16B, 0xF16B, 0x3160,
81     0xF16C, 0xF17E, 0x301D, 0xF1A1, 0xF1FE, 0x3030, 0xF240, 0xF267, 0x308E,
82     0xF268, 0xF268, 0x31EF, 0xF269, 0xF27E, 0x30B6, 0xF2A1, 0xF2C2, 0x30CC,
83     0xF2C3, 0xF2FE, 0x30EF, 0xF340, 0xF374, 0x312B, 0xF375, 0xF37E, 0x3161,
84     0xF3A1, 0xF3FE, 0x316B, 0xF440, 0xF465, 0x31C9, 0xF466, 0xF47E, 0x31F0,
85     0xF4A1, 0xF4B4, 0x3209, 0xF4B5, 0xF4B5, 0x30EE, 0xF4B6, 0xF4FC, 0x321D,
86     0xF4FD, 0xF4FE, 0x3265, 0xF540, 0xF57E, 0x3267, 0xF5A1, 0xF5FE, 0x32A6,
87     0xF640, 0xF662, 0x3304, 0xF663, 0xF663, 0x3264, 0xF664, 0xF67E, 0x3327,
88     0xF6A1, 0xF6FE, 0x3342, 0xF740, 0xF77E, 0x33A0, 0xF7A1, 0xF7FE, 0x33DF,
89     0xF840, 0xF87E, 0x343D, 0xF8A1, 0xF8FE, 0x347C, 0xF940, 0xF976, 0x34DA,
90     0xF977, 0xF97E, 0x3512, 0xF9A1, 0xF9C3, 0x351A, 0xF9C4, 0xF9C4, 0x3511,
91     0xF9C5, 0xF9C5, 0x353D, 0xF9C6, 0xF9C6, 0x3549, 0xF9C7, 0xF9D1, 0x353E,
92     0xF9D2, 0xF9D5, 0x354A, 0xF9D6, 0xF9FE, 0x36E8,
93 };